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Why Use a BBB-Accredited Moving Service?

Last Updated on: 26th August 2021, 03:21 am

 Chances are you’ve heard of the Better Business Bureau (commonly known as the BBB). You’ve probably heard its name in commercials, on the news or when searching for reviews of different businesses. But have you ever wondered what exactly the BBB is, or why using a BBB-accredited company can supposedly make such a difference?

As a BBB-accredited moving service in Tumwater, WA, we’re proud to be well versed in the history and virtues of the BBB. Sometimes customers ask us how we got our accreditation, or what exactly it signifies. So, we thought we’d explain just what the BBB is and what accreditation means for all our customers, friends and neighbors who may be curious. Read on to learn everything you ever wanted to know about the BBB.

What is the BBB?

Originally started in 1912, the BBB is a nonprofit whose mission is to improve honor and increase integrity and honesty on the open market. The organization has over 100 different smaller branches all over North America, including both the United States and Canada. These local branches are the ones who hand out accreditations to businesses in their purviews.

Since the BBB aims to advance transparency and honesty in business, they base their accreditations on whether or not a given business shows sufficient displays of those qualities. There are many different things a business must do to gain the BBB’s approval, including but not limited to: attaining all necessary permits, licenses and insurance; complying with BBB investigations; and being completely honest in their advertisements.

Once a business has earned an accreditation, it must maintain at least a “B” rating to hold onto it. The highest possible BBB rating, of course, is an “A+.”

How do I benefit from hiring a BBB-accredited business?

Honesty and integrity are all fine and good, but what exactly do you stand to gain from hiring a BBB-accredited moving service in Tumwater, WA?

You can look no further than the BBB’s eight Standards for Trust, which are the guidelines it follows when determining whether they will award a business with an accreditation. Those eight key qualities are as follows: Build Trust, Advertise Honestly, Tell the Truth, Be Transparent, Honor Promises, Be Responsive, Safeguard Privacy and Embody Integrity.

If, after thoroughly reviewing a business, the BBB decides it meets all eight standards, the business is accredited. So when you hire a BBB-accredited business, you’ll never have to worry about false advertising, dishonesty, overcharging, disrespect for your privacy or safety or any other unfair or displeasing business tactics. You can go into the business transaction confidently expecting integrity, expertise and fairness.

How can I find a BBB-accredited moving service in Tumwater, MA?

Whatever type of business you’re looking for, the BBB makes it easy to find one with an accreditation: they keep a registry of all accredited businesses on their website, and you can easily narrow your search by location and category. And if you’re specifically looking for a BBB-accredited moving service in Tumwater, WA, then look no further than All Ready Moving. We look forward to serving you!

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