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What to Expect from Portable Storage Container Rentals

Last Updated on: 26th August 2021, 03:28 am

 If you are looking for a lower-stress option for your move, portable storage container rentals in Tumwater, WA may be your solution. They can not only securely hold your possessions, but you can pack them at a more leisurely pace. If you have never used portable storage containers before, here is an overview of what to expect if you decide to go this route.

How they work

Your moving company will help you determine the number of storage containers you need. During the reservation process, you will also let them know how much time you need to fill the containers. The moving company then delivers to your home or business.

Once they arrive, you can start filling the containers using the loading guide that comes with them. As long as the containers are on your property, you will have a key, and your possessions will remain secure and protected from the weather. Once full, another truck will come by to pick them up. The container is kept in a secure warehouse until it is time to move it to your new home or business location.

Managing the storage containers

Before ordering the containers, understand that you will require space for them. If you need five containers total, but only have room for one, the moving company can agree to pick one up as
you fill it and leave an empty one in its place until you’ve used all the containers you need. People who live in apartment complexes may find they do not have room, or they may have to pay to rent additional spaces. If you are a renter, check with management before ordering a portable storage container. There may be restrictions that prevent you from using this option.

You also need to follow packing guidelines. Trucks transporting the containers may have to report to weigh stations, and if they do not pass those tests, you will need to rearrange the items in the container or even rent additional containers. Many moving companies will check this before transporting the container, so have room in your budget for additional containers in case you need to make adjustments.

Advantages of portable storage

People frequently enjoy the prospect of not having to fill a moving truck or avoiding the pressure of packing up their household in one day. It allows more time to pack items and prepare them for transport. As long as you have room for the portable storage, you can keep it available for your use for as long as needed.

Containers also offer moving and storage in one service, which can prove advantageous if your destination is not ready for you to occupy it. Apartments may require more time to clean, or the current residents may not be out of your new home yet. No matter the circumstances, you can keep your items on standby in secure storage and easily arrange for them to be moved once you are ready.

All Ready Moving offers portable storage container rentals in Tumwater, WA to reduce the stress of residential and commercial moving. Call us today to ask questions or make a reservation.

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