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Five Common Mistakes Movers Notice with Long-Distance Moves

Five Common Mistakes Movers Notice with Long-Distance Moves

 One benefit of hiring professional movers in Tumwater, WA is that you can avoid most mistakes. Even then, your move could be fraught with peril, as the process of moving is often stressful and unsettling. However, you can make your transition less eventful with careful planning. Start by avoiding these common mistakes:
  • Underestimating your budget: Relocation is more expensive than most people realize. Even if you only keep a modest home with average furniture, it still requires truck space and labor to move it from one location to another. Rather than make assumptions about the cost of your move, contact moving companies for estimates first. From there, you can figure out how much you can pay to complete your relocation.
  • Failing to get accurate estimates: You want a mover who visits your home, sees what you own and bases an estimate on those observations. If the mover wants you to fill out an inventory form or give an estimate of your property over the phone, all sight unseen, you are very likely to end up spending more than you expected. Blowing your budget on your move could mean not meeting expenses once you arrive at your destination. Not only do you need to know your financial capabilities, but you also need to have the best idea possible of what you are going to spend.
  • Keeping too much: Imagine you are moving from a house to a condominium. Normally, this means that all the lawn care tools do not have to come with you. The same is true if you are moving from a house with a pool to one without—it is surprising how many people will still pack their pool-cleaning supplies even though they will not be necessary. Moving time is a great opportunity to reduce your possessions to those items you truly need going forward. Make an honest assessment of whether something really needs to travel with you. In some cases, thinning your herd of material objects could reduce your moving expenses considerably.
  • Using clothing to pad items: People who use their clothes to pad kitchen supplies or fragile items frequently unpack them later to find stains and tears. Invest in packing material and give your clothing the same care as all your other items. After investing in moving expenses, the last thing you need to do is replace your wardrobe.
  • Losing furniture hardware: If your home is furnished by IKEA, there is some likelihood that those items will be disassembled to make moving easier. Fortunately, most of these pieces can move as a unit, but if they are disassembled, ascertain where the hardware is kept. It is not uncommon for the various brackets and screws to get lost, so communication with the moving crew is essential. Offer to provide a spot where they can keep these small parts so everyone knows where they are located.

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