Get back to work – faster.

Whether you’re a sole proprietorship or a Fortune 500 company, you want the same thing out of a corporate relocation: You want it done efficiently and correctly so you can get back to business as usual. We’re a business too, and we can relate.

When you’re asked to coordinate the move for your company, keep the following criteria in mind:

In-office Site Assessment

Experienced business movers develop a proper relocation plan based on the types and amount of furniture and equipment you need moved.


Most high-rises, office buildings and warehouses have specific requirements for move-in, including our business mover’s certificate of insurance

After-hours and Weekend Service

If you don’t want your move to take place during your regular business hours, our movers will need to work around your schedule.

Special Handling

Office moves demand experience and equipment for executive desks, conference tables, copiers, screens, file cabinets and cubicles. They’re not the same as moving sofas and dressers, and our movers know what it takes to get the relocation done correctly.

Minimal Interruption

Most of all, you need your business back up and running ASAP. A good relocation plan establishes the proper timeframe and degree of organization between you and our business movers. Most businesses move on the weekend so they can resume work on Monday, and experienced business movers can accommodate that.

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