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Why You Should Consider Vault Storage for Your Move

Last Updated on: 26th August 2021, 03:29 am

 Moving is hectic, and sometimes, valuable items get lost. Before you start shuffling all of your possessions around, consider placing the most valuable items in vault storage in Tumwater, WA. The security benefits and peace of mind will prove priceless. Here is why you should rent a vault for your next move.

Bank limitations

In order to protect themselves from liability, banks started placing limits on what they will store in safety deposit boxes. Cash and coins with something other than collector’s value are two
prohibited items. Some banks also put a value cap on property to be stored, normally around $25,000. That can be challenging if you have antique coins or jewelry that happens to increase in value each year.

Also, if you have larger items to protect, like antique furniture, obviously a safety deposit box will not help you. These items will be part of the move with your conventional furniture where they can risk being left outdoors, vulnerable to theft and the elements. While all parties involved will work hard to ensure the safety of your items, thieves can act quickly and items can disappear seemingly into thin air. That is why it is often advisable to place them in secure storage until your move is complete.

Security matters

Vault storage offers the security of a safety deposit box with more options. It is offered in several sizes from the traditional safety deposit box to a locker the size of a closet. If you have valuable jewelry, gold or larger items you do not want to risk being left vulnerable on curbside, there is a vault size that can accommodate what you want protected.

There are several procedures to access your rented vault, including the requirement of ID and having a key. It is not as accessible as conventional storage, which also reduces the likelihood of theft. Other measures like alarms and monitoring will also ensure security while you focus on getting your home moved.

Prepare for vault storage

Before you start the life upheaval of moving, clear the items with the highest value out of your home first. Make a list of anything you take to vault storage. As you start packing, you may find more items you’d prefer to have in more secure storage. Add those to the list as you take them to the facility.

If you have important papers like passports, immigration documents, marriage licenses or the like, you may want to consider storing them in the vault, too. Nothing will make moving more frustrating than having to rip open several boxes to find a document only for each effort to be fruitless. You might as well keep all valuables together, not just for security, but also to know their location for certain.

All Ready Moving offers vault storage in Tumwater, WA for your most valuable items, with multiple sizes available for your convenience. Call us to arrange for short-term storage during moving, or a longer-term contract for additional security. We look forward to hearing from you.

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