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Tacoma, WA ULTIMATE Utilities Guide | Water, Electric, Gas, Internet & More

Tacoma, WA ULTIMATE (2024) Utilities Guide | Water, Electric, Gas, Internet & More

Last Updated on: 28th February 2023, 02:49 am

You’ve just pulled up to your new home in Tacoma, walk through the front door, flip the light switch, and you remain in darkness. You walk over to the sink, turn the nozzle, and no water. Odds are you forgot to set up for Tacoma utilities before moving in. As you scramble to call local utilities, you realize some of them are closed and others won’t be able to activate your services until the next business day.

These scenarios happen all too often as the thought of setting up utility services isn’t always at the top of everyone’s list of tasks. To avoid this terribly inconvenient situation during your upcoming relocation, check out this convenient and comprehensive Tacoma utilities guide to find all the companies you’ll want to contact before that day arrives.

Tacoma Electric Utilities | Tacoma Public Utilities

The electric service provider for the city is Tacoma Public Utilities (TPU), which has been publicly owned since the year 1893. They are considered the largest department of the Tacoma city government and are powered by the revenue of local services instead of running on taxpayer dollars.


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They are also known for managing the Tacoma Rail, traveling as far north as the Port of Tacoma all the way down to Morton, WA.

How to Set Up Your Electricity with TPU

The process of starting up electric utilities in Tacoma offers a couple of different options, depending on your preference. You may either call their direct line at 253-502-8600 or you can simply set up an account online through their web portal. They do require you contact them at least one business day before your desired service start date.

Depending on the location, there is the possibility of a security deposit of $100-$200 being required. These can be waived if you are the owner of the home or if you can produce a letter of credit from another utility provider.

Paying Your Tacoma Power Bill

TPU makes the process of paying Tacoma utility bills simple with various ways of submitting payments. The easiest way to track and manage everything is by setting up a MyAccount on their web portal. This system allows you to view your bill and then make payments with either automatic withdrawals or one-time charges through a credit card or your checking/savings account.

You can also submit payments over the phone by calling their customer service line or via snail mail with a check or money order in the included pre-stamped envelope. If you prefer to make your payments in person, you may do so at any of the convenient TPU Pay Box locations around town or by going directly to the customer service department.

Contact Information for Tacoma Public Utilities | TPU Contact

Tacoma Gas Utilities | Puget Sound Energy

If your home has gas appliances or a gas heater, you’ll want to reach out to Puget Sound Energy (PSE) to get the services started. While PSE is also an electric utility provider across a few parts of Washington state, they don’t cover Tacoma. But they do provide the natural gas utilities in this area.


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How to Set Up and Pay for Your Tacoma Gas with PSE

The easiest way to begin your account for gas utilities in Tacoma is by setting up an account online through their website. And while PSE prefers you get started through their portal, you may also call them at 888-225-5773 during local business hours Monday through Friday between 7:30 am and 6:30 pm.

While there is the possibility of a security deposit for PSE gas utilities, it can be waived by setting up automatic payments, providing a letter of credit, or setting someone as a guarantor who will be responsible for your account.

When it comes to paying your Tacoma gas bill, you can always set up AutoPay and let it be taken out monthly or submit one-time payments online. You may also call the customer service line and make a payment over the phone or mail them in with a check or money order. In-person payments can be paid at any of their local pay stations.

Contact Information for Puget Sound Energy

  • PSE Website
  • Mailing Address: Puget Sound Energy, BOT-01H P.O. Box 91269, Bellevue, WA 98009-9269
  • Customer Service Phone: (888) 225-5773

Tacoma Water Utilities | Tacoma Public Utilities

As with electricity, Tacoma Public Utilities also provides water services to homes across the area. Covering a service area of about 117 square miles, TPU supplies water to more than 300,000 people within their territory. They monitor and maintain nearly 1,400 miles of water mains and stand as one of the oldest municipal water systems in the country.

How to Set Up and Pay for Your Tacoma Water

Keeping things convenient, you’ll be able to set up your Tacoma water utilities at the same time as your electric services. It will be part of the process whether you decide to sign up online or call their customer service team at 253-502-8600.

There is a possible $75 deposit for the water services, which can be waived with a letter of credit or if you own the home.

When looking at your TPU Tacoma water bill, you’ll see the charges for electric and water are split on the page so you know how much each service will cost that month. Payments can be made through AutoPay, online, over the phone, or at one of their pay boxes.

Contact Information for Tacoma Public Utilities

Tacoma Trash & Sewer Utilities | City of Tacoma

Managing the services of solid waste, recycling, surface water, and wastewater is the City of Tacoma.


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How to Set Up and Pay for Your Tacoma Garbage & Wastewater Bill

Your Tacoma trash services can be set up with a simple phone call to the City of Tacoma’s Solid Waste Department at 253-502-2100. And if you’d like to know what day you’ll need to put out your bins, feel free to take a look at their updated collection schedule.

Even though the City of Tampa manages solid waste and recycling services across town, Tacoma Public Utilities will handle the billing process. You’ll see a charge on your TPU bill each month listed as “Environmental Services” which represents every from trash and recycling to sewer costs.

Contact Information for City of Tacoma

Tacoma Internet Service Providers | Various

Depending on your specific needs and the area where you live, you’ll have a handful of Tacoma internet service providers to choose from such as:

Get Your Tacoma Utilities Scheduled

Before relocating to Tacoma, we highly suggest contacting each of these utilities to ensure your lights are on and you have running water come moving day. It won’t take long and will save you an incredible amount of headache as opposed to waiting until the last second. From Tacoma electric utilities to gas, water, and trash, you can settle in and instantly begin enjoying your new home.

And if you are still in need of an incredible Tacoma moving company to help you get there, look no further than All Ready Moving! Give us a call today at (360) 507-2447 for a free moving estimate or fill out Request a Quote form on this page!

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