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BEST Tacoma 🏘️ Neighborhoods (2024) | Tips, Data, Map 🗺️

Last Updated on: 27th July 2023, 02:05 pm

Tacoma is a city located in Pierce County and on Washington’s Puget Sound. Just 32 miles from Seattle and 31 miles to Olympia, this is the perfect in between spot that allows you to have the choice of endless jobs within your daily commute. If you’re wondering, “Where should I live in Tacoma?” then you’re not alone. The next step is to look at the many amazing Tacoma neighborhoods in hopes that you find the best one for you.

Finding some of the best neighborhoods in Tacoma isn’t always easy. You need one that is good for you, whether that be a single adult, a family, a retired couple, or an LGTBQ+ individual. Maybe you’re looking for safety, security, and affordable housing. Whatever it is, you don’t have to worry. There are many Tacoma suburbs that will fit the bill perfectly! Check out some of the top picks below.

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Old Town – Both Modern & Historic


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Old Town, otherwise known as Old Tacoma, is where the city was originally settled. Now, however, it’s as modern and historic as it can get! Cobblestone streets may still be marveled at, but there are modern luxuries to enjoy. Inside all of the historic buildings are beautiful shops and salons, and the neighborhood doesn’t stop there. Filled with apartment buildings and old homes, this is the perfect spot for those who work in downtown Tacoma.

Most of the residents are young professionals, but there are families as well. In some of the old homes are retirees and middle-aged adults. Though it’s not the most kid-friendly neighborhood in Tacoma, it is a comfortable and safe one. Many of the homes have a beautiful view of Commencement Bay, which is another benefit to the neighborhood.

New Tacoma – Amazing Amenities in Tacoma

New Tacoma encompasses parts of downtown, and it has its name because most of the commercial buildings and homes in the area are new. In the New Tacoma neighborhood, you’ll find the Tacoma Art Museum, Children’s Museum, and Washington State History Museum. However, though there is a lot to do with kids in this Tacoma suburb, it’s not very kid-friendly. In fact, most of the people living in New Tacoma are young single professionals or those who are just starting families.

Most of this city is filled with apartments and condos, so there’s not a lot of green space for children. However, it’s the perfect Tacoma neighborhood for millennials. When renting, you can expect to pay about $1,255 monthly for a one bedroom apartment. If you’re buying in the area, you can expect to pay $275,000-$550,000+ for an apartment or condo.

Skyline – Best Neighborhood for Professionals


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Skyline is the best Tacoma neighborhood for professionals. It’s located on the north end of Tacoma, and it’s also called Narrows View because of the view that it gets of the Narrows Bridge. Because of its quick access to downtown Tacoma, this is great for young professionals.

There are also many houses available for those young families looking to settle down or professional adults looking to own a house. The property varies in price from around $300,000-$950,000+ depending on the size of the home and the neighborhood.

This is a fun neighborhood in Tacoma to live in because it’s nearby Point Defiance Park, Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium, and more. Those who live here can enjoy the towering trees in front of the older, colonial-style homes and the friendly neighbors. It borders the water, and it’s one of the safest neighborhoods in Tacoma.

South Tacoma – Most Affordable Tacoma Neighborhood

South Tacoma is one of the most affordable neighborhoods in the city. Thanks to its urban and suburban feel, Tacoma suburbs are made easy in this area. There are plenty of kids, but also many young professionals. The schools are rated extremely well, and it’s also one of the most diverse neighborhoods in Tacoma. If you’re looking for a place that feels like a city but comes with more families and closeby schools, this is it.

In the past, South Tacoma had higher crime rates than the rest of the city, but now it’s really improving. Lately, as more young families are purchasing homes, crime rates have gone down and it’s becoming a comfortable and safe city to live in. The home prices range from the low $200,000s to the $600,000s, but most of the homes stay in the $300,000 range, making it affordable for professionals and young families! However, most people rent their homes in this Tacoma neighborhood.

Browns Point – Best for Seniors


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The best neighborhood for seniors, Browns Point is very popular amongst retirees looking for a slower-paced lifestyle. Though there are families there, you can expect most neighbors to be retired. This is also one of the wealthiest neighborhoods in Tacoma. If you’re looking for an affluent area that is safe, you can’t get better than Browns Point. It’s  very quiet, and those living there are friendly and kind. Most people own their homes, and for good reason. You can expect the majority of homes in Browns Point to be around $1,000,000.

You get a lot for that price. Not only are the lots fairly big, but the homes are as well. But that’s not all. The view from many of the homes in Browns Point is stunning. It overlooks the water from a hill, and it shows it for miles. There’s a Browns Point lighthouse as well, so many people go over there to see it. Beyond that, there isn’t a ton of nearby shops or restaurants in the neighborhood itself, but it’s just a short drive to get to all of it.

North End – Eat & Enjoy Easily in This Tacoma Neighborhood

If you’re looking for the best Tacoma neighborhood for eating, entertainment, and nightlife, this is the one for you. It’s located right by the University of Puget Sound, and it is also known for the many waterfront parks it has. Whether you’re the type of person who likes to go for long walks on the beach or just see a gorgeous view, there’s something for everyone in this neighborhood.

However, despite it being known for its nightlife, it’s actually one of the most family-friendly neighborhoods in Tacoma. There are many families moving into the homes, and the streets feel like a regular Tacoma suburb. Most of the houses are on the older side, but many of them have been redone or remodeled to have that traditional Washington style. To make things even better, the schools are rated above average and the city is rich with diversity.

If you’re planning on moving to this area, there are lots of homes to choose from. The houses start in the $300,000 range and move on up to over $800,000 depending on the size of the home that you’re interested in. With backyards for kids to play in, you’ll be happy to know that this Tacoma neighborhood is filled with kids. That being said, there are also retirees that live amongst these homes as well.

Tacoma Neighborhood Map

When it comes to moving to Tacoma, there are plenty of neighborhoods to choose from. If you’re asking, “What Tacoma neighborhood is best?” the answer depends on what you’re looking for. Any of the above neighborhoods are safe, friendly, and come with beautiful homes. But some are more expensive than the others, and others are more kid-friendly or senior-friendly. The chances are, when you look at these neighborhoods, you’ll know the right one for you! And when you’re ready to move, give the best Tacoma movers a call. We’re experienced with relocating folks from all over Tacoma, and we make the process easy!

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