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Why are People Moving to Bellevue? [2024] | 💝 ULTIMATE Living in Bellevue WA Guide

Last Updated on: 27th July 2023, 10:16 am

Known as the high-tech and retail-centric city of Seattle’s Eastside, Bellevue, known as the “City in a Park”, is a great place to live and the most substantial of Seattle’s satellite cities. Ranked as the second best place to live in the United States in 2014, Bellevue’s name derives from a French phrase, meaning “beautiful view”. The area was first settled in the 1860s, then known for its vast strawberry groves. Known as a weekend getaway during the Victorian era, the area would be incorporated as a third-class city in 1953. As Seattle grew, so did Bellevue, eventually forming into a sister city in its own right. With the Dot Com Boom, Bellevue became tech central in Washington. In fact, this is where Jeff Bezos would start Amazon! Affluent and hip, all sorts of people will love living in Bellevue!

Where is Bellevue, WA?

Bellevue is in King County, separated from Seattle to the west by Lake Washington. Bellevue is located within the Seattle-Tacoma-Bellevue, WA metro area and is bordered by Mercer Island and Seattle to the west by bridge, Kirkland to the north, and to the south and east by Sammamish and Newcastle. The distance from Bellevue, WA to Seattle, WA is 10 miles.

Bellevue is a primary hub for two major Eastside transport authorities, King County Metro and Sound Transit. They provide light rail, bus, and other public transportation services to the community. Bellevue is also served by the Woodinville Subdivision railway.

Bellevue, WA Population & Demographics

The population of Bellevue is 149,440 distributed over 33.5 miles at a population density of about 4,500 people per square mile. The population of the Seattle-Tacoma-Bellevue, WA metro area is around 4,000,000. The median age here is 38.5, and 42% of residents are foreign born, 72% of whom come from Asia. 70.7% of Bellevue’s population has a bachelor’s degree or higher certification, making it a very well-educated city.

Notable people and famous celebrities from Bellevue include founder of Amazon Jeff Bezos, Wikipedia co-founder Larry Sanger, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella, and founder of video game titan Valve Gabe Newell.

The demographics of Bellevue’s population are diverse, with Asians making up the majority at 42% of the community’s population. The second largest demographic is Whites, making up 40% of Bellevue’s population. Bellevue’s male/female gender ratio is slightly weighted towards men, at 52%.

Is Bellevue, WA safe? Bellevue does have a property crime problem like her neighbor Seattle, but generally, Bellevue is a very safe community to live in! Bellevue’s overall crime rate is 33% lower than national average, with 3,123 crimes annually per 100,000 people. This is primarily because of the property crime rate, which is 54% higher than the national average, but the violent crime rate is 70% lower. The community of Bellevue is served by the Bellevue Police Department, which has 173 sworn officers.

Cost of Living in Bellevue, WA

Seattle isn’t known for being a very affordable place to live, and that goes for Bellevue too. The cost of living index for Bellevue is 52.7% higher than the national average. The median home price in Bellevue is $1,450,000, nearly triple the average Washington home price of $485,700. According to RentCafe, the average rent in Bellevue and nearby areas is $2,747 per month.

According to the Economic Policy Institute, a family of four will need a yearly income of $109,434 to live in Bellevue.

If you want to make yourself a part of this community, you should check out the latest listings for homes for sale in Bellevue, WA.

Bellevue, WA Everyday Expenses

Want to know what sort of daily expenses you’ll be paying in Bellevue? Check out these everyday expenses for Bellevue, provided by Numbeo.

  • Gallon of Milk – $1.07
  • Loaf of Bread – $3.70
  • Gallon of Gasoline – $1.52
  • Average Bellevue Utilities per Month – $201.54
  • Internet per Month – $67.86

Bellevue, WA Neighborhoods

Want to know about the many neighborhoods of Bellevue? With this many sub-communities with different people and atmospheres, you’re sure to find a place you’ll want to live in! Check out numerous neighborhoods that will be the best places to start living in Bellevue below:

Somerset – A Great Neighborhood for Families

Located on the southerly end of Bellevue, Somerset is a picturesque neighborhood set on a series of hills with excellent views of the city, Lake Washington, and the Olympic Mountains. It also has a number of excellent schools within its zoning.

Beaux Arts Village – For the Wealthy and the Artsy

Beaux Arts Village is one of the most interesting neighborhoods of Bellevue, precisely because it isn’t a neighborhood at all! The smallest principality in the state of Washington, the neighborhood/town is named for a university of the arts, which grants admission based on home ownership, and it is also the seventh richest principality in the entire state. If you’re an artsy and affluent type, this will be your paradise!

Meydenbauer Bay – Leisurely Life on the Water

A collection of residential areas around the Lake Washington bay of the same name, these homes are near many of Bellevue’s most desirable amenities!

Bellevue, WA Climate & Weather

According to the Koppen Climate Classification, Bellevue is a mild oceanic climate. This part of Washington has lovely, mild weather, but can experience quite a bit of rain. You can expect lows of 37 degrees Fahrenheit during the winter months, and highs of 76 degrees Fahrenheit during the summer months. Bellevue gets more than the average amount of rainfall for the United States, with 42 inches per year. Bellevue experiences only 5 inches of snow annually. The best times to visit Bellevue, in terms of comfort rating, are July and August.

The state of Washington can experience tornadoes, but this generally occurs more inland. Bellevue only has to worry about particularly bad rainstorms, which may induce minor flooding.


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Things to Do in Bellevue

Want to know about fun things to do in Bellevue, WA? There is plenty of excellent Bellevue shopping in the area, like the highly-rated Bellevue Square and Shops at the Bravern malls! You should also check out some of the best things to do in Bellevue, WA below:

Bellevue Downtown Park

With a large waterfall, picnic space, and playgrounds for the young ones, Bellevue Downtown Park firmly establishes why Bellevue’s parks are so highly rated!

10201 NE 4th St, Bellevue, WA 98004, (425) 452-6914

Bellevue Botanical Garden

Along with exhibits and concerts, the Bellevue Botanical Garden displays all manner of beautiful plant species in a relaxing environment.

12001 Main St, Bellevue, WA 98005, (425) 452-2750

KidsQuest Children’s Museum

Plenty of interactive and educational exhibits are sure to make a fun day out with children!

1116 108th Ave NE, Bellevue, WA 98004, (425) 637-8100

Bellevue, WA Additional Attractions:

Bellevue is served by the City of Bellevue parks & recreation department. See all the events that are planned in Bellevue with the City of Bellevue community calendar.

Places to Eat in Bellevue, WA

Just like its sister city of Seattle, Bellevue has a wide array of excellent, varied restaurants! Italian, Chinese, Indian, Mexican, name a kind of food and you can find it here! Check out some of the best places to eat in Bellevue, Washington below:

Bellevue, WA Schools

The vast majority of Bellevue is served by the Bellevue School District, which contains many schools that are rated among America’s best lower education institutions. Among these fantastic schools are Bennett Elementary School, Tillicum Middle School, and Newport Senior High. As with any other affluent city, Bellevue has a number of private schools, including many in the Montessori tradition, and in higher education has Bellevue College.

Students and others in Bellevue are served by the King County Library System, which has large and upscale library at their Bellevue location.

Jobs in Bellevue, WA

As should be no surprise for a city with a pedigree for industry like this one, job opportunities in all sorts of industries are prevalent in Bellevue! The most popular job positions in Bellevue are Software Engineer, Senior Software Engineer, and Project Manager. The most popular employers in Bellevue are T-Mobile, Inc., CBRE Group, and Inc.. The average salary for a worker in Bellevue is $87k a year, while the average hourly wage is $23.31.

See the latest openings for jobs in Bellevue here, and the city job board here.

Map of Bellevue, WA

Explore Bellevue’s large variety of things to do, places to eat, and more with this map!

Bellevue, WA Statistics & Information

  • Located in King County
  • Bellevue Area: 37.5 square miles
  • Bellevue zip codes: 98004-98009
  • Bellevue area codes: 425
  • Bellevue Elevation: 85’
  • Bellevue Time zone: PST
  • Bellevue’s Closest airport: Seattle-Tacoma International Airport, CMXR+5F Seattle, Washington, 15.6 miles from Bellevue


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