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Living in & Moving to Bonney Lake

Bonney Lake, WA [2024] | ULTIMATE Living in & Moving to Bonney Lake Guide

Last Updated on: 13th May 2022, 03:39 am

Bordered by the beautiful Lake Tapps as well as the cities of Prairie Ridge and Alderton, the area known as Bonney Lake, WA is a gorgeous community providing newcomers with a great place to live. As more people find themselves moving to Bonney Lake, the easier it is to see what this exciting city has to offer.

Located about 16 miles southeast of Tacoma, Bonney Lake is known for being an outdoorsman’s paradise with fantastic local parks, top hiking destinations, and fun water activities at Lake Tapps.

Want to learn interesting facts about Bonney Lake? There are so many things worth knowing about this incredible community and all the benefits that come with living in Bonney Lake.

1. People of Bonney Lake, WA – Population & Demographics

Bonney Lake is a small community but people who move to the area stick around for a long time once they arrive. The Bonney Lake population is currently home to about 19,560 residents with a median age of 34 years old. The number of inhabitants has more than doubled since the year 2000 and it continues to gradually attract new residents interested in relocating to Bonney Lake.

The number of men and women in the area is nearly identical when you consider the gender ratio, with about 50.16% female and 49.84% male. Bonney Lake demographics show a population of about 83% Caucasian, 6% Hispanic or Latino, 2% Asian, and 1% Black or African American. This wealthy area is home to safe communities that give residents living there a sense of peace and comfort.

2. Outdoorsy Things to Do in Bonney Lake

Being recognized for its many outdoor destinations, there are many fun activities in Bonney Lake for all ages. Allan Yorke Park is one of the most visited things to do in Bonney Lake thanks to its location right along Lake Tapps. Here you’ll find a massive amount of green space with a children’s playground, sports fields, and a skate park, as well as water activities such as kayaking, swimming, and paddleboarding.

Allan Yorke Park


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Allan Yorke Park, 7203 W Tapps Hwy E, Bonney Lake, WA 98391  (253) 862-8602

Right next to Bonney Lake Elementary School is another one of the top attractions in Bonney Lake called Viking Park. This local park offers a fun children’s playground as well as open space for kids to run and play. But an even more popular feature is its off-leash dog park, where pet owners can bring their fur babies to run and burn some energy.

Viking Park


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Viking Park, 19098-19000 82nd St E, Bonney Lake, WA 98391  (253) 862-8602

3. Premier Bonney Lake Restaurants

Where are the best places to eat in Bonney Lake, WA? Look no further than Hops n Drops, a top-rated Bonney Lake restaurant serving everything from starters like onion rings and nachos to entrees that include soups, burgers, sandwiches, tacos, and much more. Don’t miss out on their signature cocktail menu as well to pair a refreshing drink with your meal.

Hops n Drops


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Hops n Drops, 21290 WA-410, Bonney Lake, WA 98391  (253) 862-6530

Lovers of seafood and Japanese cuisine will love the local eatery known as Trapper’s Sushi. As one of the greatest restaurants in Bonney Lake, diners can feast on specialty rolls, nigiri, teriyaki bowls, and many other delicious dishes. They even offer an all-you-can-eat sushi menu.

Trapper’s Sushi


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Trapper’s Sushi, 20625 WA-410, Bonney Lake, WA 98391  (253) 987-7632

4. Bonney Lake Cost of Living

With a cost of living in Bonney Lake that is 31% higher than the national average and 13% higher than Washington’s average, you’ll want to make sure these expenses are a fit for your income. The biggest difference in these costs comes from the expensive real estate market and local transportation services around the city.

The majority of people living in Bonney Lake are homeowners with about 83% of residents possessing their own properties. Bonney Lake, WA homes for sale have a variety of options with low prices such as $120,000 for a small condo or manufactured home all the way up to multimillion-dollar properties with lakefront views. The average price of a home in Bonney Lake is $498,000, which has risen about 12% in the last year.

On the other hand, if you plan to lease your living space after moving to Bonney Lake, you’ll want to be aware of the average price of rent in Bonney Lake. As of now, the median for rent is around $1,689 per month, which is a 15.69% increase over the past 12 months. Expect to pay about $1,517 per month for a one-bedroom, $1,656 per month for a two-bedroom, and prices for larger locations go up from there.

5. Safe Neighborhoods in Bonney Lake

Even though the area only consists of about 8 square miles, communities in Bonney Lake are recognized among the top 25 safest cities in Washington. Local developments are well-kept and walkable, offering quick access to all the amenities you need nearby.

Lakefront neighborhoods in Bonney Lake, WA

When searching for your new home in the area, be sure to look at top Bonney Lake neighborhoods such as:

Bonney Lake is in the northcentral part of Pierce County and has only two zip codes: 98321 and 98391. The area code for a new phone number will be 253 if you change it after relocating to Bonney Lake.

New residents living in Bonney Lake will find plenty of commodities and essential shopping destinations across town with a few of the top options including Safeway, Target, Ben Franklin Crafts, Goodwill, Fred Meyer, the Market at Lake Tapps, Grocery Outlet, and the Bonney Lake Centre.

6. Reputable Bonney Lake Schools

The 3,814 school-age children between 5 and 17 years old who are currently residing in Bonney Lake make up a significant portion of the nearby Sumner School District. These young students add up to about 20% of the entire city population.

Top-rated schools in Bonney Lake include:

  • Victor Falls Elementary School
  • Emerald Hills Elementary School
  • Lakeridge Middle School
  • Mountain View Middle School
  • Bonney Lake High School

The closest colleges to Bonney Lake are Green River College nearby in Auburn and Pacific Lutheran University a few miles down the road in Tacoma.

7. Solid Jobs in Bonney Lake

A large number of local residents commute for work from Bonney Lake to Tacoma about 16 miles away. This simple trip typically takes only about 25-30 minutes each way.

The median household income in Bonney Lake is $90,580 as workers in the area have strong careers in healthcare, manufacturing, retail trade, construction, education, and transportation services.

Many Bonney Lake jobs can be found with some of the area’s largest employers like:

8. Wet Bonney Lake Weather

Regardless of the time of year, there are ways to enjoy the weather in Bonney Lake with outdoor activities at top locations such as Lake Tapps and Maris Farms.


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The average summer temperatures are usually mild and stay between the low 50s and mid-70s. Winters do cool down a bit as the Bonney Lake weather drops to the low 30s and mid-40s. Following trends of the northwest Pacific part of the United States, expect about 49 inches of annual rainfall as well.

Tips for Moving to Bonney Lake

  • Join an affluent community recognized as one of the top suburbs or Tacoma.
  • Plan to spend plenty of time enjoying the many outdoor amenities and top restaurants.
  • See which of the safest neighborhoods is most convenient for you.
  • Put your kids into a strong school program and enjoy a reliable job market.
  • Keep an umbrella handy and expect a decent amount of rainy days.

Living in Bonney Lake is everything it’s cracked up to be and more! If you’re ready to start the process, rely on our trusted Bonney Lake movers to handle your upcoming relocation. Give our team a call today at (360) 507-2447 or complete the Request a Quote form above to get a free moving estimate!

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