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How Can Portable Storage Units Make Your Move Easier?

How Can Portable Storage Units Make Your Move Easier?

 Looking for ways to make your move easier? Let All Ready Moving help! In addition to moving and packing services, we also offer portable storage units in Tumwater, WA. Oftentimes, people will need to store items during a move. This is typically because certain objects aren’t needed at their new location, or storage is needed due to a delay between when someone moves out and when they can move into their new home. Whatever the reason, relying on a friend’s garage for storage is probably not the best option. Here is how portable storage units in Tumwater, WA can make your move easier.
  • Added convenience: Convenience is maybe the most important benefit to using portable storage. Different from standard storage units, portable storage units are delivered directly to the location where items will be packed, giving you the ability to move on your own schedule. Whether it’s a home or apartment—or even a business, for that matter—you gain the ability to pack up your storage unit right from your original location. An additional benefit is that you’ll know exactly how much you can pack into your unit without having to wonder if you have packed too much or not enough.
  • Safety and security: With portable storage units in Tumwater, WA, you also get good protection. Unlike throwing your valuable items into someone’s garage, storage units offer all of the same protection that traditional units provide, in some cases even temperature controlled protection. Locked in a secured facility, they are as secure as what you’d get with traditional storage space.
  • No extra trips: Having your storage unit delivered directly to a storage site saves you the added task of trying to get a moving truck and then unloading the truck once you reach the storage facility. With portable storage, your packed unit is simply transported exactly as you packed it and delivered to the storage site. Forget about having to rely on separate transport methods for your stored items.
  • Good cost savings: Another advantage of using a portable storage unit is that you’re only paying for the cost of the storage. You avoid additional fees for renting a moving truck and you don’t have the same time restrictions a truck would require. Take a look at how expensive rental trucks can be, and you will realize that portable storage is a great deal!
  • Flexibility: A final advantage to portable storage is the versatility it provides. If a need arises for you to store your unit onsite, you can easily talk to All Ready Moving about longer storage times. Unforeseen things can happen during a move, especially when the buying and selling of houses is involved. No matter how you choose to utilize portable storage, it provides an alternative that gives you options with added versatility. Having that flexibility can make your move much less stressful.

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