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How to Be Good to Your Movers in Tumwater, WA

Last Updated on: 11th August 2023, 08:51 am

 If you are considering hiring professional movers in Tumwater, WA, you have already thought about the fact that you need help with the moving process. While you are paying for your professional movers’ services, a little appreciation for their labor will go a long way on your moving day. Here are a few suggestions to consider.

Offer something to drink

There are many ways to show your appreciation for your movers. If it’s a hot day or your movers are sweating while moving your belongings, why not offer them some bottled water to drink? This will be greatly appreciated as they cool off. Sports drinks will also be appreciated for rehydration.

Order some food

Food is another way to reward movers in Tumwater, WA that have been working long hours without a break. Movers often don’t have the luxury of getting something for lunch so offering them food or a snack is a great option to keep them happy.

When offering food, be sure to order from a restaurant. Movers may not want to eat your homemade food and will probably turn it down. Snacks can be anything store bought.
The most commonly offered food is pizza. It’s easy and most people like it. Be sure your movers don’t have any dietary restrictions before you order, as you want everyone to be able to eat.

Provide a bathroom

Be sure to provide a bathroom to your movers. They will eventually need a break, and opening your bathroom to their use is a nice gesture. If you don’t have a bathroom available at your residence, identify one nearby that they can use.

Plan ahead

Cut down on how much heavy lifting your movers have to do by knowing where heavy items will be placed. Be sure to label boxes so movers know which room to place them in. A furniture diagram of your space will direct movers where to place things quickly the first time, reducing the labor on their end.

Reward with a tip

Since we are trusting movers in Tumwater, WA with our personal belongings, we often feel obligated to recognize them for their hard work. While not expected, the biggest sign of your appreciation for the work your movers are doing for you is a tip. If you are happy with the care that your movers took with your belongings, why not reward them with a tip?

How much you tip your movers is up to you. Some moving companies recommend 5 percent, while others recommend that each mover make $5 an hour in tips. You can always tip more if you feel they did an excellent job.

Because tipping is not required, movers in Tumwater, WA will not stand by waiting for you to give them a handout. It is up to you to approach them and reward them for a day of hard work. Be sure to equally divide the money and hand it to each worker that helped you that day.

Showing a little recognition for the hard work of your movers in Tumwater, WA will definitely be appreciated. Call All Ready Moving to schedule your next move, and we will do the hard work for you.

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