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Five Types of Specialty Moving Services in Tumwater

Last Updated on: 26th August 2021, 03:28 am

Got Heavy or Fragile Items? Five Types of Specialty Moving Services in Tumwater, WA

 The average home is filled with much more than just furniture and clothes. Large, heavy, fragile and oddly shaped things are likely to require special tools and equipment to be safely moved from your home and onto a truck, and special restraints may be needed for secure transport. Fortunately, a trained and experienced company can help with this! Here are five types of heavy or fragile items you may own that can benefit from specialty moving services in Tumwater, WA:
  • Antiques: Whether you have a single large piece of antique furniture or a collection of breakable china from the 1880s, you will want movers who have received special training to handle irreplaceable things that have sentimental or significant monetary value. Some antique items might travel better if packed a certain way, which a specialty moving company knows how to do. This could take some calling around, but it will be worth it to keep your great grandma’s childhood bedroom set from damage during a move.
  • Traditional and digital pianos: Are you a pianist, or did you inherit a unique piano? Both traditional and digital pianos are made in all shapes and sizes with delicate internal hardware. From grand piano strings to old ivory keys to electronic components, in the hands of skilled piano movers, every part of your piano will be treated with care as it is securely loaded onto the truck and carried to its destination.
  • Pool tables: If you’ve ever attempted to move a pool table, then you are well aware how much a good one weighs. Depending on the size of the pool table, it can take four, five or maybe even eight strong adults to shift it just a foot or two. After all, under the top cloth, a modern pool table’s surface is made of slate. To avoid injuring yourself or others—or completely destroying your table if it’s dropped—hire a company knowledgeable in specialty moving services in Tumwater, WA.
  • Hot tubs and spas: Moving a hot tub is different from installing it new. Not only are hot tubs big, but they are also rather heavy, and some shapes can make relocation a challenging process. Fortunately, a well-versed moving company will be capable of relocating your spa damage-free from point A to point B. In addition, they’ll do pre-maintenance, including checking that all the water has drained from pipes and tubes and that electrical components are safety covered.
  • Gun safes: Responsible gun owners have gun safes of all sizes—small safes made to slip into a desk drawer; medium, yet still moveable; box-shape for cabinet storage and tall and heavy safes for securing longer barreled guns and accessories. Along with other household items, if you have a large gun safe to move, it is best to seek out specialty moving services.

Many moving companies are not experienced in packing up and moving things other than your furniture and boxes of clothes, books and dishes. At All Ready Moving, we have the right tools, equipment and experience to safety handle and transport your unique possessions. Contact us for specialty moving services in Tumwater, WA today.

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