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Commercial Movers’ Suggestions For A Smooth Business Relocation

Last Updated on: 26th August 2021, 03:29 am

 Home moving is stressful enough, but an attempt to coordinate multiple people and office equipment can prove quite harried, too. In addition to planning your office relocation before the arrival of your commercial movers in Tumwater, WA, business as usual must also continue, which only adds to the challenge. To make this logistical nightmare more manageable, consider these tips for a smooth business move with minimal disruption.
  • Maintain communication: This is not a time to assume that all employees and executives are reading your mind. If there are any special layout considerations for the new office, keep everyone in the loop. For example, built-ins available at the new site may make some furniture unnecessary. If people know this ahead of time, it means one less item to
  • Create a timeline: In addition to preserving communication, also set expectations. Most office managers plan business moves six months before the commercial movers arrive. Indicate what needs to be packed and when everything will actually move. People will require dates and times if you wish for them to be coordinated with plans.
  • Issue a post office forwarding order: If you want to ensure you get all your mail, you need to file a change of address form with the post office at least 30 days before the move. Not all customers will adjust to the new address as quickly as you do, so this is a prudent step for receiving correspondence and keeping in communication.
  • Arrange utility services in advance: Schedule Internet and telephone to be connected in the new office on the day of the move. Test it while people are unpacking as a lack of Internet or phone access can be a disaster. This way, any quirks can be fixed that first day when customers are more likely to be forgiving.
  • Divide the labor: Rather than putting this all on one person, delegate duties. People should be responsible for their own workspaces and marking items that need to go to the new office. Also, if someone is more versed with contacting vendors and arranging services for the new office, put that individual in charge of that task.
  • Give customers a heads-up: Do not forget to let your customers know about your move—not just the new location, but when it is happening, in case it becomes difficult to reach you. That way, if there are any shortcomings in setting up utilities, they know it is just a short-term issue rather than a serious event that inspires them to take business
  • Wrap up the updates: One to two weeks before you move, update your website, letterhead and business cards. This puts everything in place once employees are working at the new site. Doing this ahead of time means getting back into routine quicker and not worrying about address changes and other location matters. Also, do not have any items shipped to your old address at the last minute. Wait until you move to the new site.

The team at All Ready Moving are commercial movers in Tumwater, WA who can make your office move proceed smoothly. Call us today for a quote.

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